Active Aberdeenshire

Active Aberdeenshire Event 26th May 2015

This event organized by Aberdeenshire Council and Grampian Health Board brought together people from the Health, Local Authority and 3rd Sectors to discuss how to promote active lifestyles including sports.

There was an excellent presentation by Emma Broadhurst, Scottish Govt. whose take home message was that more needs to be done to help the non-active to have at least physical activity in their lives. Walking is on the increase and the value of Greenspace was recognized and also this is under pressure from housing & industrial developments.

A series of workshops took place during the day that were framed by 6 Outcomes that Local Authorities are expected to implement.
There are national (UK) and International guidelines that indicate recommended levels and intensity of physical activity – there are 5 Factsheets published and each of these relate to different age groups:

– Early Years, not yet walking
– Early Years, capable of walking
– Children from 5 – 18 years
– Adults (19 years – 64 years)
– Older Adults (65+ years)

All of these emphasize personal responsibility and countering sedentary lifestyles by adopting a more physical active lifestyle.

Personal Comment
This emphasizes the importance of developing and building networks of pedestrian & cycle pathways that help children and adults to be active in their daily lives and to connect these with integrated transport systems.
Within this context the preservation of green spaces especially in new housing developments is a vital task for Community Councils and Local Authorities.
For a example, if a child wishes to cycle to Kemnay Primary School or Bogbeth Park then they need to negotiate the very busy B 933 – what level of risk would you rate that journey?

Rob Mackay